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We present to you the epitome of elegance and natural beauty. And, of course, we are talking about red, white, and green roses "Crimson Frost." This carefully designed bouquet conveys the essence of love, purity, and vitality. And it's all thanks to a harmonious blend of colors and textures. Each flower tells its own story:

  • Passion and Devotion
  • Purity and New Beginnings
  • Growth and Life

Rosaholics artistry is evident in our arrangements. Here, each petal is carefully selected and thoughtfully colored. And the amazing compatibility creates a stunning visual masterpiece. The Crimson Frost bouquet is more than just a bouquet of roses. It is a sincere gesture, a work of art that conveys emotion when words are not enough.

Whether it is a romantic occasion, a solemn moment, or a simple expression of admiration. Green roses with white stripes go beyond traditional gifts. They leave a lasting impression that goes beyond appearances. This bouquet will make your gifting experience even more colorful. All because passion, purity, and life are intertwined in a symphony of nature itself.


Color Meaning of Crimson Frost Roses

The charming bouquet "Crimson Frost" by Rosaholics weaves a deep tapestry of emotions. And all because we carefully selected the colors of flowers: red, white and green roses. But, most importantly, it's not just three different colors in one bouquet. Each of these three colors is intertwined on one rose. Why? Because we want to convey the feeling of each color on each flower:

  • The deep red color has a velvety crimson undertone. It embodies the essence of passionate love and desire. This color speaks of sincere feelings and deep devotion. It makes them an eternal symbol of romance and affection.
  • The vibrant green in the bouquet symbolizes renewal, growth, and life. Just as leaves renew themselves with each season, green symbolizes the ever-evolving nature of a relationship and the hope for a prosperous future together.
  • Pure white is like the sparkling pearl center of our painted rose. These centers evoke feelings of purity, innocence, and new beginnings. Their presence in a bouquet signifies sincerity of intent. It is the promise of a fresh start and the beauty contained in simplicity.

The harmonious combination of red and green roses with white stripes in the bouquet "Crimson Frost" creates a multifaceted picture of the path of love - from the fiery passion of red to the evergreen aspirations of green and pristine purity of white.


Red, White, and Green Roses Bouquet for Any Occasion

Celebrate any occasion with the timeless charm of our green roses with white stripes. This versatile bouquet embodies the full spectrum of emotions, from love and joy to hope and renewal. Whatever the occasion, convey your feelings with the rich symbolism of the flowers thoughtfully woven into this stunning arrangement. Trust us, with this bouquet, no one can resist. And all your desires and endeavors will become a reality after handing over such a gift. So do not hesitate to order this bouquet from your Rosaholics.


Please note: Colors may vary slightly from the photo as each bouquet is created based on the season.

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