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Rosaholics Loose Petals

Forget fake petals made from silk. Keep it classy and use fresh petals from real roses for all your special events. We sell bundled sets of fresh rose petals that come straight from our family-run farm so you can beautify your home, business, wedding, anniversary, date night – or ANY occasion that calls for a delicate touch of elegance and beauty.

Petal Color Choices:

  • Red
  • White
  • Assorted Colors

Real rose petals are much better than silk petals. In fact, a gorgeous display like a surprise scattering of flower petals at a candlelit dinner can get the heart pumping. But discovering that the petals are fake?! That can make the whole setup seem tacky. Real rose petals are romantic, elegant, and luxurious – set the right mood for your event!

But on top of that, real rose petals are the sustainable, eco-friendly option. Silk petals often get left behind at big events and parties, turning into litter that pollutes the planet or ends up in the landfill. Rosaholics’ loose flower petals are natural, organic, biodegradable, and earth-friendly! So you can have total peace of mind.

How can I use loose rose petals?

There are so many ways to use loose petals creatively. Honestly, if you can dream it, you can do it! These are just a few of the most popular ways to use premium loose rose petals:

  • Wedding Décor – When it comes to creating the most gorgeous, unforgettable wedding, it’s all in the details. Swapping silk petals for real flower petals is one of the best wedding décor decisions you can make. Fresh flower petals bring a touch of elegance that every bride wants. Scatter loose rose petals on the seats, at the welcome table, on cocktail tables, and near dining areas for guests to gush over. Then have the flower girl grace the aisle with fresh, fragrant flower petals before the bride’s entrance. There’s nothing more romantic!
  • Party DecorationsSpecial events call for special decorations, and nothing can elevate a birthday party, anniversary dinner or baby shower like loose rose petals scattered across tables and place settings.
  • First Communion, Quinceañera, and more – White flower petals can be a great addition to picnics and parties celebrating meaningful ceremonies and life events.
  • Ofrendas, Shrines, and Tombstone Memorials – Loose rose petals are perfect for decorating meaningful spaces in remembrance of loved ones.
  • Parade Floats – Decorate with style! Festival of Roses, Dia de los Muertos, Earth Day – there are so many holidays and festivities that can be beautified with loose flower petals.
  • Romantic Date Night – Candlelit dinner and scattered rose petals. Special for your Valentine's Day. Enough said.
  • Proposal or Engagement Party – Likewise, let your love be evident when you get down on one knee surrounded by a heart made from loose red rose petals.
  • Spa Day – Fresh rose petals in a hot bath? Yes! Indulge in serious self-care!
  • Flower Crowns and Fresh Flower Leis – Whether you want a fresh flower crown for a gorgeous photo shoot (like a maternity photo session) or you want a fresh flower lei to give a friend at graduation, why not make your own using real, premium rose petals?

How many loose petals should I order?

Rosaholics offers 4 different sizes for loose rose petal orders. Use our guide below to get an idea of how many loose petals you’ll need.

500 petals – This is a good size for very small displays, like scattering the petals around a vase or on a dining room table.

1500 petals – Perfect for a rose petal bath, to increase the impact of a small display, or for small craft projects like a flower crown.

2400 petals – Great amount for a flower girl to scatter down the wedding aisle, or to use as décor in a hotel lobby entrance.

4200 petals – Best for creating a loose scattering of petals on 5-7 tables, or for covering a bedroom.

It’s best to order more petals than you think you may need. You can never go wrong with having an excess, but if you’re short on petals, it can take away from your display. For larger events, keep this in mind: 5,000 petals will cover an area of about 135 square feet (about the size of a bedroom); 10,000 petals will cover an area of about 279 square feet (living room + bedroom; or enough to cover a dance floor). For petal pathways (like a path leading to a heart-shaped scattering of petals for a proposal), it’s best to order 10,000+ loose petals.

What color of loose petals is best?

This is up to you! Everyone has different taste, but here are our recommendations:

  • Red – any romantic occasion, like a proposal, date or wedding.
  • White – great for elegant, black tie events or weddings; also great for memorials and religious ceremonies.
  • Assorted Colors – any joyful celebration, like a birthday party, graduation, baby shower, parade float, etc.

Where do the loose rose petals come from?

Some people think that loose rose petals come from old flowers, misfit varieties, or damaged goods. This is NOT the case with Rosaholics’ loose petals. We only use petals harvested directly from our premium rose bushes cultivated directly on our farm. That’s why we can guarantee you’ll be getting fresh, luscious rose petals that have the same pristine quality we are known for with our bouquets. We send only the best from our farm – whether it's a rose bouquet or loose rose petals. And that’s a guarantee!

Check out our Instagram page for design inspiration! Ready to show off your fancy event or creative décor made from our real rose petals? Post a photo and tag us @rosaholics !

<<<Short Description>>>Petals sent straight from the farm for the most amazing decorations, elegant pathways, relaxing baths and more. Freshness is guaranteed. 

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